Ryan Chan

They are amazing, I would definitely come back and spread the word about them! I found them after a door ding from my neighbor’s car (relatively small 1 inch but sharp edge). They completed the work in one hour and it does look like “it never happened”! They also were able to provide me with a quote through email before the repair in a timely manner.


Will Yearout

 2 months ago
These guys are highly skilled tradesmen who know how to treat your lady right. There must be like 1000 years of experience in their shop. Not calling these guys old, but what they do is wizardry.


Qataada Nubani

 5 months ago
So I went to fix a pretty long dent in my driver’s side door because my cousin kneed it (long story). Anyways I was only their looking at options and estimates and had planned on shopping around a bit.But they were honestly so helpful and thorough that it got done that same day. Doug and the other gentlemen (didn’t catch his name) were very honest and great to deal with. I would highly recommend this place for any dent repair you need done!!


Pete Loveless

My car suffered several hundred dents, and a broken windshield in a hailstorm. Not only did Dent Solutions repair all the dents, but they helped manage complicating issues between my insurance company and their preferred provider for the windshield repair. Dent Solutions were professional, courteous, and went out of their way to help make connect all the dots on the work I needed done.